Fibonacci Numbers

W 4th St Station, NYC 5/29/2011 I had a lovely day with dear friends Marlowe, Yasmina, and their little ones, Elia and Aviva. Marlowe encouraged Laurie and me to go to Babbo for dinner. I had the mushroom sformato, squab, and panna cotta. It was delightfully delicious. The spirits of New York and Europe were alive … Continue reading Fibonacci Numbers


Madison Square Park, NYC 5/28/2011 I flew into New York, NY on Friday with Laurie for her friend Tracy’s wedding. We had big plans for the city–wedding, friends, food, the subway, Central Park, the Upper East Side (Big thanks to Nikki!), and chalk. On Saturday morning, we hopped a train to midtown and headed into Madison … Continue reading Hexagons


Texarkana, AR & TX 7/8/2010 It has been more than a few months since I bore the heat of July to leave the distributive property across the state line. Laurie and I followed our noses down N State Line Avenue with Arkansas on our left and Texas on our right. For a moment I considered … Continue reading Distributive

Sine & Cosine

Champaign, IL 6/28/2010 The seedling of this whole chalky project was born when I walked past a parking ramp at Colorado and 9th in Austin, Texas. The multiple-storied wall of this ramp is covered in 4 or 5-foot square squares of cement. It looks like enormous graph paper. I have this dream of putting some … Continue reading Sine & Cosine