de Moivre’s Shortcut

Abraham de Moivre was born in France in 1667, a year after the Great Fire in London. de Moivre arrived in London in the late 1680s. Leading up to his emigration, life in France for Huguenots, i.e. French Protestants, was growing ever more uncomfortable. As Louis XIV consolidated power, he grew to see religious tolerance as a … Continue reading de Moivre’s Shortcut


We staid till, it being darkish, we saw the fire as only one entire arch of fire from this to the other side the bridge, and in a bow up the hill for an arch of above a mile long: it made me weep to see it. The churches, houses, and all on fire and … Continue reading Cycloid


Life stands up to the downward force of gravity every day. From table legs to your legs, perpendicularity provides balance and strength. Perpendicular lines played an important role in finding the center of the arc of the bridge in the Pedestrian Bridge post. In writing the equation of those perpendicular lines, I used a concept I picked … Continue reading Perpendicularity