3/13 Months Old

On Monday, January 18, my son turned 1 week old. We have a cute little sign to mark his age, but the sign is in months, not weeks. So, the question was, “What is 1 week in months?” It is a fraction, but it is not one quarter. If every month was 4 weeks, then … Continue reading 3/13 Months Old

Force. Work. Power.

Jedi love the advice: “Use the force.” They mean something a little different than the product of mass and acceleration, but somehow the language of force, work, and power fits for any display of force, even on Dagobah. In Earthly physics, force equals mass times acceleration, where m is the mass of an object and … Continue reading Force. Work. Power.


We staid till, it being darkish, we saw the fire as only one entire arch of fire from this to the other side the bridge, and in a bow up the hill for an arch of above a mile long: it made me weep to see it. The churches, houses, and all on fire and … Continue reading Cycloid

When 1 + 1 = 10

Austin, TX 2013/03/09 My esteemed colleague, Kelley, loves space, outer space in particular along with stars, NASA, telescopes0, and all space exploring accouterments. About a month ago, she was telling me about a special map, a pulsar map. A map like this was sent into outer space on the Voyager as a message to potential … Continue reading When 1 + 1 = 10

Angular Velocity

Space Needle, Seattle WA 12/23/2011 Sitting in a coffee shop in 1959, Edward E. Carlson was imagining and sketching a tower of the future to stand tall above the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle. After many iterations and the input of architect John Graham, the flying saucer-inspired shape we know (and, at least some of … Continue reading Angular Velocity


Austin, TX 2011/09/11 Ten years ago, I stood in shock, frozen in front of a TV in an apartment in Phoenix, watching as a building in New York City exploded and then crumpled to the ground. My mind and heart crumpled with it. In greater horror and confusion, I watched as a plane flew into … Continue reading Falling