My mind tends to consider extremes. From thinking I have no options to feeling overwhelmed by options, making choices can be challenging. Counting, when possible, calms my mind and simplifies reality. As summer was beginning, I posted about Pascal’s Triangle, a tool for counting combinations. Considering combinations turns our thinking from a set into a variety of possible subsets; a … Continue reading Combinations


We have opportunities to count everyday. Some of the counting is done for us, such as the number of likes on your favorite social media post. We even celebrate victories when the count, the score, is a desired result. Too often though, numerics bring a gravity—an unfortunate heaviness—to life, especially when we are asked to do … Continue reading Permutations

When Order Matters

Pascal’s Triangle gives us a way to count combinations: groupings when the order does not matter. There are other methods of counting worthy of investigation, including occasions when order does not matter and when it does. Sometimes order  is important. With lunch lines and horse races, the order matters. If there are a limited number of specials, your spot in … Continue reading When Order Matters