Let digons be bigons.

3 thoughts on “Let digons be bigons.”

  1. Hi Eric, I love your posts! They inspire me to think about things I never thought of before. I am still chewing on “power” from your last post, as I am working in the yard and imagine my husband could do the same amount of work as I do in less time. This must be what Adam Smith referred to when he suggested division of labor. Thanks for posting! (and very curious how your life is at this moment!)

    1. Thank you, Elly! I think efficiency and power are definitely connected. I will say with jobs like raking leaves, I like to take my time. It’s nice to putter around the yard! Still, I get your point. Life is exciting. The little boy will here any day now!

  2. I think I’ve got a handle on the lune problems, as long as we are careful to say they’re made from the intersection of great circles. The area of the lune then would be the angle of intersection divided by the angle of a whole circle (2 pi radians, if we’re working with those) times the area of the surface of the sphere. The lunes ought to be congruent if they’re on spheres the same size and have great circles making the same angles of intersection.

    As for the tennis balls ending up in Shoal Creek, well, tennis balls float. Nearly all of them would end up on the creek, not in it.

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