Riemann Zeta Function

10 thoughts on “Riemann Zeta Function”

  1. Thanks Eric
    I enjoyed reading this down here in Austin in between playing with grandchildren. Hope you are enjoying N.O. We are driving to Baton Rouge tomorrow.

  2. Hi, I like the topic and the way you write. I have read some other text related to Riemann written by Jan Feliksiak, the symphony of primes; distribution of primes and Riemann hypothesis. I think that his theory is quite solid, even if we may write some parts differently or better. What is your impression about that book? I did try to verify the theory, it seems all right. The actual possibility of fitting a function between the log int and pi is perplexing. This just means that log int and pi never cross, hence one famous theorem goes down, and this is not the first instance for that mathematician. Erdos did that earlier as well, back in 1948.

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