Taylor Series

13 thoughts on “Taylor Series”

  1. I love teaching Taylor Series – especially the error analysis when using Taylor Polynomials to approximate functions. Thanks for another interesting post !

    1. You are welcome! I am glad to know you are out there teaching Taylor series. I am slowly but surely coming around to appreciating approximation and error. Finding “the right answer” just might involve an iterative search, a series of approximations. Maybe someday I will make friends with big O and the error function.

    1. This past spring, I went to see an exhibit of Picasso’s work at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. I think it was the first time I understood any bit of his work. Even the brief epiphanic experience has stayed with me. (Did I just imply my blog posts are in some way comparable to Picasso’s work? No… I shouldn’t do that. Should I?)

  2. This piece was commissioned by George I, to be performed on the Thames. If Taylor wasn’t there, he probably heard about it…

  3. I especially enjoyed the photographs, with the moody lighting. The size of the exponents surprised me. How long did it take to install?

    1. Austin was looking pretty special that night. According to the photographic record, it took about 45 minutes. It felt longer than that… in a good way.

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