Miles of Tiles

7 thoughts on “Miles of Tiles”

  1. We saw you finish the first shape, wondered what it would look like and hoped a post would come soon. This post was speedier than expected and your tessellation is more magnificent than we could have imagined. Very cool!

    1. Thank you! It turned out more beautiful than I expected, too. I have been working on this post for a couple of weeks. It was close to ready when I chalked. The photos just needed to get added.

  2. I dig it! I wish I had seen you in action. I was hoping to include some Islamic geometric art into Becoming Human this semester, but I couldn’t squeeze it in. Thanks to you, I am inspired to make it happen next year. Thanks for this wonderful post.

    I had the good fortune to visit Alhambra several years back, and it is, as you say, “breathtaking.”

    1. Did you take pictures? I would love to see them.

      The students seemed to get really excited about the project. I bet they would be stoked to see a clearer connection to larger and older traditions.

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